Ministries Overview

We believe these ministry structures create a context for fueling the journey of growth as a disciple of Jesus. In all of these structures, we are centered around spiritual formation and embodied participation.

Weekly Worship Gathering

Our worship services consist of worshiping the Triune God, preaching of the Word of God, encouragement through community events, celebration of baptism and communion, and the use of historic church resources.

Small Groups

Our small groups gather for edification, encouragement, and accountability, and they are structured around a meal and the Word of God. These groups aim to operate as “missional communities”: embodied outposts of the Kingdom of God within a specific realm of influence. These groups are accessible and open to all but designed for those committed.

Regarding age-specific group settings: We see the value in age-specific ministry programs (i.e. middle school youth group, high school youth group, young adult group, retirees’ groups, etc.), but we prioritize integration when possible.

Classes and Training Program (Not Yet Started)

These are “closed”, limited-term spaces intended to give you the tools for growing in your discipleship journey. These classes include studies that encourage personal and spiritual growth and health, training in doctrine, the disciplines of spiritual formation, training for carrying out the mission of the church, and more. 

Examples: classes offered at the church, book studies, men’s or women’s studies, elder / deacon trainings, membership class.

Gospel Adventures

Gospel adventures (i.e. trips) possess a unique value in transporting you out of the ordinary and into spaces where you are able to clearly hear from God and grow relationally with folks in the church. Gospel adventures may include mission trips, conferences, ministry team get-aways, and more.

Living On Mission

We believe that ministry is built on relationships, and thus we are built around living lives that are intentional, incarnational, missional, relational, and hospitable. We believe that healthy disciples make disciples, and healthy churches plant churches. 

Ongoing Ministries

While much of our ministry strategy is "under development", these things are already happening:


We have kids ministry during our weekly services. Currently, we are receiving kids ages 2+. We also have space during services for nursing mothers and the parents of smaller children.

Small Groups

We have small groups that meet in homes and are structured around building community, eating together, and discussing God’s Word together.